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Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is a new form of tourism behavior, MD Design Hotel - Portal del Real has improved the resources available to provide ecological awareness to our users.

Due to its architectural design and operation, sustainable and energy-saving measures have been introduced.

These measures include harmony with the environment, renewable energies, through the use of thermodynamic panels for hot water, the choice of building materials ideal for optimum thermal and acoustic insulation, food for our breakfast, distance to urban centers and the possibilities of leisure.

The hotel is designed with ecological criteria and sustainable construction, seeking the integration of the building with the architecture of its surroundings. Natural and renewable materials, such as ceramic blocks, marbles, natural insulation such as cork and rock wool were used for building. Paints and varnishes are also ecological, predominantly wood and cotton fabrics. In fact, all building and cleaning materials that emit toxic and non-biodegradable volatile gases have been excluded.

MD Design Hotel - Portal del Real has been conceived with awareness of the environment in which they find themselves and has environmental policies that seek to reduce the impact of tourism in the city. Fortunately, this is not just a fad but a sustainable hotel has come to stay and constantly adds to the green philosophy.

MD Design Hotel - Portal del Real also participates in various social responsibility activities focused on preserving the environment and making constant improvements to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, it promotes the reuse of towels and sheets among its guests to reduce excessive water consumption.

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